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Jeffrey Silberschlag

Jeffrey Silberschlag is distinguished in the world of music, performing as a conductor and trumpet soloist throughout Europe, the United States, Russia, China, Japan, and Israel. His performances have been described as “compelling” by Germany’s Kölnishce Rundschau; “extraordinary” by Italy’s L’Arena; and “outstanding” by Fanfare magazine.

Mr. Silberschlag is the music director and conductor of the Chesapeake Orchestra and River Concert Series and co-director of the Alba spring festival. He received the Prize for Artistic and Cultural Activities from the European Union of the Arts for his lifetime achievement in classical music as a conductor and trumpeter. He serves as artistic director and head of music performance at St. Mary’s College of Maryland and is the Steven Muller Distinguished Professor in the Arts. He is director of St. Mary’s College Alba, Italy program and has created a partnership between the College and the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama. He is artist-in-residence with the Maryland Youth Symphony.

Carol Davis

Having a love for photography since the seventh grade, Carol has been an artist her entire life. A joyologist at heart, Carol enjoys sharing her knowledge and experience with photography and the arts. Starting with film and darkroom development in high school, then a career in graphic design, owning a successful sign business, while progressing and learning the new digital technology of large format printing, her time behind the camera and the world of photography and art now expands over 40 years.

An avid writer, mixed media artist, flower farmer extraordinaire, white dove wrangler, and community volunteer wrapped all in one, the love of her life, Tom, often describes her as “expanding foam.” Her love of life and the art of “Embracing Your Journey” is also shared through her podcast with the same name.

Carol has a portrait studio, Carol Davis Photography, Your Journey Studios.

Linda Roszak Burton

As President of DRW, Inc., Linda brings best practices in positive psychology, gratitude, and neuroscience to her executive coaching services. A recent Gratitude Intervention Study yielded statistically significant improvements in employee engagement and meaningfulness of work. She’s also conducting research with CQ University in Australia and Angelia Ruskin University in England, on gratitude interventions supporting resilience and stress management.

Linda is a credentialed executive coach through the International Coach Federation, a certified Brain-Based Coach through the NeuroLeadership Institute, a Mental Fitness Coach through Positive Intelligence™ and a licensed Positive Psychology Instructor. Linda’s a member of the Institute of Coaching at McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical School Affiliate. She holds a B.S in Health Education from Virginia Tech and completed coursework pursuing an M.S. in Conflict Management at the University of Baltimore.

Robin McDougal

Robin McDougal, M.Ed. & MBA

Founder and CEO of The Pearl Project Institute for Innovation in S.T.E.M. Literacy, a 501(c) 3 organization designed to empower educators and community leaders with the “know-how” to deliver critical thinking and problem-solving modules for the next generation of S.T.E.M. Leaders, especially girls.

With a goal to serve 1 million youth virtually and in real-time, Robin believes, “The Earth and the universe belong to all of us.” The Interstellar Dreams Space Center seeks to cultivate an awareness of S.T.E.M. Careers in the new commercial space economy, beyond being an astronaut.

Launched in 2014, Ms. McDougal serves Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland, California and has launched the Interstellar Dreams Space Center at George Mason University’s College of Science Observatory. Interstellar Dreams Space Center is the home of space flight simulations, engineering challenges, entrepreneurial endeavors, and talent development for the next generation of the commercial space economy. By bringing unique, experiential STEM learning opportunities to communities, Robin is expanding the mission to explore, imagine, and design the next generation of global leaders.


Tammy Russell Medley

As the eighth of twelve siblings, Tammy loved encouraging others and had an ongoing desire to inspire. She discovered that gift through life experiences and realized that it was important to stay inspired under Biblical Standards in all that life presented. Tammy became known as “O’Frasia” because she inspired like Oprah and looked like Fantasia.  

Tammy understood her assignment gift of naturally inspiring and motivating others using her own unique exclusivity and accepted her assignment. InspirationsOutLoud, LLC was formed from Tammy’s excursion of encounters that drew people from her laughter, and uplifting and stimulating conversations. She hosts InspirationsOutLoud on a YouTube Channel where she engages in a unique presentation and balances motivating others “Outloud” with a twist to deliver inspirational and vivacious conversations.

Tammy plans to build an Enrichment Resort to continue unique inspirational programs for the community.