Jay Rohlfing

Chef Jay Rohlfing will inspire us to think about “Mise en place.” How a mantra at the heart of professional kitchens can help navigate a path to success!

As a child, Chef Jay Rohlfing watched his grandfather make Angel Food cake and was immediately hooked by the culinary world. He attended culinary school at Pennsylvania Institute of Culinary Arts and went on to work at the Boca Raton Resort, Harbor Court Hotel, and Linwoods in Owings Mills. Working under Linwood Dame at Linwoods was the most influential experience of his career, Rohlfing says. The culinary giant pushed him to meet great expectations and to pay attention to details. Chef’s favorite pastime is growing his family’s small Homestead with his wife Lisa and children,Scarlett and August. The Rohlfing Roost, affectionately named by Jay’s wife, raises chicken, ducks, rabbits, and a bounty of vegetables each season. 

Rohlfing is currently working on a new concept: Perennial, a seasonal American Grille, with a conservatory theme filled with extensive landscaping marrying the outside with the indoor decor. 

He describes his approach as “cooking with the seasons,” and enjoys creating approachable dishes and unique guest experiences. He is excited to have the ability to source products from local farmers– and believes that knowing where a product comes from only multiplies the respect culinary staff has for their craft.