Jennifer Narkevicius

Jennifer Narkevicius will inspire us to think about designing with the end-user in mind.

Jennifer McGovern Narkevicius, PhD is a performer, arranger, publisher, recording artist, and teacher in Alexandria, Virginia and Leonardtown, Maryland.  She writes a weekly blog helping developing musicians maintain motivative growth and traveling Scotland with a harp.  Throughout her career, Jen has worked in Systems Engineering focusing on Human Systems Integration, identifying and defining the systems requirements directed by human capabilities and limitations.  She has worked in research, development, test and evaluation of complex systems for Defense, Transport, and Infrastructure, including projects in distributed work, distance education, supported decision making, and design of web-based enterprise applications. She has published on Emergent Failure Modes, appropriate automation, and integration of users with the other elements of systems. In parallel, she has taught enrichment courses for exceptional students using creativity and multimodal teaching techniques to improve students’ math performance, problem solving, organizational strategic planning, teamwork, and music.  Dr. Narkevicius is a principle at Creative Purpose LLC and Creative Jenius Publishing LLC.  She is a member of the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) and the American Harp Society (AHS). Jen holds a PhD in Cognitive Psychology, with master’s degrees in Systems Engineering, Adult Developmental Psychology, and Special Education: Gifted and Talented.  She is a Certified Music Practitioner.